BOKODIL is a brand that is actively present both online and offline.
A podcast, a cultural and community-building project, and an individual publisher representing a unique genre.

It supports the arts.

It contributes to a sustainable, green, inclusive world and society.

It embraces young talents, small businesses.


BOKODIL offers entertainment in a personal way by organizing various cultural programs, roundtable discussions, presentations, fairs, concerts, and festivals. The program palette is linked to the theme of the current podcast. The language of the programs is Hungarian.


The key activity of the BOKODIL brand is the writing and publishing of zines, which are still uncommon in Hungary, and the dissemination and popularization of the literary possibilities of zine culture.

What is a zine?

A zine is a self-published print-work that is produced in small, limited batches. There are no formal, editorial restrictions on its creation that would limit the creator (the zinester), thus allowing a form-free, free form of self-expression.

The subject of the publications can be almost anything: politics, poetry, art and design, social theory, feminism, sexuality. There are also photographers, musicians, geeks as well as concept zines. A zine can contain: an image, a graphic, a lyric, prose, a collage, or a combination of these.

The zine breaks with the content requirements of books, creating a much higher quality visual and content connection. A zine is not a newspaper or a book.


The free BOKODIL podcast in Hungarian, which is available to anyone, covers various aspects of life for half an hour. It teaches, asks, pushes boundaries, breaks down layers, gives a point of view. A new episode will appear once or twice a month on the following platforms:

You can listen to BOKODIL from anywhere and anytime!

Did you know that the podcast genre was partly owned by Apple?

The word podcast was born in 2004 by merging the words iPod and broadcast. The word was coined by Ben Hammersley, a British journalist, radio, and internet expert. A podcast is an audio material published on the Internet that is most similar to a radio broadcast.


2022, december

frequently asked questions

You can find up-to-date information about this on the BOKODIL website under the ‘Be a Part of It’ menu.

On 3 monthly basis. Usually on the first day of each month.

Registration for the program is a prerequisite for participation. You can only apply through the registration forms created using Forms. You can access the Form links here on the website by clicking on the program under the menu, and you can also find it on the BOKODIL Instagram– and Facebook pages.

There are 3 ways to shop, including:

1) In stores with which BOKODIL cooperates:  ISBN books+gallery

2) On the programs organized by BOKODIL, you can find out more about the date on the website and on BOKODIL’s  Facebook and Instagram page.

3) Once a month (usually on Saturdays) BOKODIL has a fair. You can find the exact date of the fairs in the BOKODIL calendar and on BOKODIL’s Facebook and Instagram page.



Opportunity to unfold. It creates a place for honest, reciprocal communication.

It sensitizes you to react sensitively beyond yourself, both globally and in your own life, to issues such as pollution, addictions, or exclusion.

It provides entertainment and learning opportunities on social platforms for free, im-proving your personality and knowledge.

It encourages thinking, it inspires.

It asks questions and helps you find your own answers.

It motivates.



The main mission of BOKODIL is to provide real and authentic content and knowledge, primarily to young adults. It plays a role in creating a society that is open to social, health, economic, political, and environmental issues. One of the main goals is to be able to address the 16-35-year-old age group, regardless of gender, and to encourage thinking and social sensitization by communicating non-violently on issues that often affect different areas of life.


By 2025, BOKODIL wants to become an innovative, progressive cultural channel and brand that effectively represents young people. The goal is for the brand to build a relationship based on dialogue with its audience and become a new intellectual value in response to its needs. As part of the dialogue, he intends to take an active part in Hungarian cultural life and the entertainment sector. BOKODIL wants to become an ambassador for the zine.

The long-term goal is to bring the values ​​and printed products represented by BOKODIL to the international arena.